5 Ways to Connect with Your Friends on Spotify

5 Ways to Connect with Your Friends on Spotify

Spotify is the ultimate platform for artists and music lovers worldwide. You get to listen to your favorite songs or playlists by your favorite artist whenever you want.

However, one thing that people often forget is that Spotify is a social media platform at its core. And there are plenty of ways for you to connect with your friends who share the same taste in music as you do!

How? Don’t worry; we’ve got the answers!

In this article, we’ll give you five simple ways for your friends to connect with you on Spotify.

  • Show your Music Taste via Friend Activity

Let the world know what you’re jamming to! Spotify’s Friend Activity feature lets you flaunt your taste for all your friends to see. Just head to settings and enable sharing, and your pals who follow you will get a live feed of your listening activities on their desktop app. Turn it off anytime if you need a breather from all the attention.

  • Social Share to Anywhere from Spotify

It’s extremely easy to share your favorite new song, album, playlist, or even podcast across all your socials. Just tap the three-dot menu from your app, hit the Share button, and bam! All your friends can now listen in on your favorite music no matter which platform they’re on.

  • Generate Shareable Spotify Codes.

Maybe you’re curating the perfect playlist for your gym group. Or maybe you just want to get your friends hooked on the latest album you discovered. By using Spotify Codes, you can create custom QR tags that your friends can scan to instantly access what you want them to listen to!

  • Make a Collaborative Playlist

Playlist curation is a group effort! With collaborative playlists, you and the gang can all pitch in songs/podcasts to create the ultimate shared listening experience. See who contributed what as you get to scroll through your buddies’ picks. Hanging out with friends have never been so cool!

  • Join/Create a Group Session

If you’re using the Premium version of Spotify, then Group Session is another way you can connect with your friends and vibe together. This feature lets you sync up your music with your friends so that all of you can control playback in real-time across all your devices. Think of it like your very own virtual music fest!